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Reading Bull by jasinski Reading Bull by jasinski
Acrylic on canvas. 24x30 inches. Commissioned work.
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TROWLY Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
Love the colors!!
emememe Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
wow. I love your style
Wildchild-Paola Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
hahahahahaha!!!! so true :XD:
jmast Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2006
so I was just looking back through your gallery and I saw this... its very relaxing to look at, --- you rock
e1ocean Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006
sure not raging
AutumnRainDoLL Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006
nice brush detail! so sunny : ) i got a bunch of same sized canvasses, just need 2 create
shucupa Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2005
very cutee!!!!!!!!!:date::santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :date: :rudolph: :holly::holly::santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :blowkiss: :santa: :blowkiss: :santa: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :rudolph::santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :blowkiss: :xmas: MERRY xmas
mylk Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
the colors are great and that bull is menacing!
babydelight Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2005
unique and pretty
kirikou Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
This is a very beautifull piece. I like the way that you seem to be able to put real emotion into the people...that's a gift that I hope you continue to use. I'll be watching out for your things! Keep up the great work!
banxter Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
It feels so peaceful. I bet anyone and everyone who saw this wanted to join her and read.


Very powerful.
dettma Featured By Owner May 16, 2005
killer piece. i really dig the colors here, what a great palette...
YourFathersMustache Featured By Owner May 13, 2005
that bull is top quality
i know u paint alot of people in ur works, but i wouldlove to see more animals such as the bull and more birds. the shapes are great!

the girls right hand looks to tense, make her casually read it!
riasworld Featured By Owner May 12, 2005  Professional Photographer
the girl is reading the book and the bull is "reading" her??
beutiful colors ! :-)
ink-brains2 Featured By Owner May 9, 2005   Photographer
lovely... i am a reading bull... being a taurean who loves to read n all :)
mysticsick Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
I was looking through my devwatch and I saw your name and I wondered, having not visited your page in quite some time, if you were really as good as I remembered you or if I had just been naieve and overestimated your talent or something.
Then I saw this and knew I hadn't done any such thing. I could say a billion things about the lighting and the coloring and all of the tiny details, like how the light hits the inside of her right knee, but I don't think it would be anything you don't know and hear all of the time.
What I've always loved most about your work is the imagination. I'm not just talking "this is a cooky bull reading behind the girl," though that is quite imaginative and unusual. You somehow put the entire idea on the canvas. It's not just the manifestation of what you want as a painting. I dunno, I feel like there's something about the strokes and colors and how you use light that gives a much more comprehensive feel than most painters I see. This isn't me trying to sound sophisticated of flatter you or something, there's just something particularly ensnaring about your work. Now to go look at some of your older paintings and admire.
DarkStri Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
electricnet Featured By Owner May 7, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
I love it. Yet again awesome colours.
Miss-Jellybean Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
of course this is amazing work. but yeah of course it is, i know you laready know that
sanah82 Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
intelligent bull! though why is the girl reading with her eyes closed? :o
I like the execution alot.
leftyehud Featured By Owner May 6, 2005   Photographer
nice work... and an interesting commission. Who comes up with this stuff? All my commissions are to take pictures of the skanky bars corporate lawyers crawl into out of their high rise filing cabinets.
jasinski Featured By Owner May 13, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
these commissions were, "make these 4 zodiac signs, what ever idea you come up with i am sure will be good'... i like those commissions. :)
leftyehud Featured By Owner May 16, 2005   Photographer
yeah, you really can't beat that, huh? :)
carola Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
>>> this one has a lot of rythm (i don't know if i used the right word) like the objects in it are moving with the wind...very cool, i love your paintings they are too cool >>>
newfoundlander66 Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
i absolutely adore your style, its so original and unique +fav ^^
alienasoul Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Unigue and stunning !! :clap:
13shadesofblack Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Reminds me of Babe. I like the dual meaning. Nice job on the leaves particularly. Well, not necessarily better than the other parts but I always appreciate the parts that seem really tedious to create. Anyone with patience is cool in my book. Great job with this.
fattyfattybowler Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Run little girl , your about to get munched but a rampaging bull!
ginjin3 Featured By Owner May 5, 2005

i can almost feel the breeze.
andrewk Featured By Owner May 5, 2005
My comment may seem insignificant among the many others you get, but I have to say that I wholeheartedly admire your work! And it's even more amazing that you do all this with traditional acrylic! I work with real acrylic and you DO get textures and surfaces that the computer NEVER gives you!
AEUS Featured By Owner May 5, 2005
well. as we say, here in northern cali; hella awesome!
enocjunior Featured By Owner May 5, 2005
maybe the color of the bull make the composition strange a little. And your style have very strong. I Like.
DavidHoffrichter Featured By Owner May 5, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
So neat, i've always loved your style:)
Peg-leg Featured By Owner May 5, 2005
AWEESOOOMME! Nice color and texture. I love your strokes, man :boogie:
Red-Queen-Ashura Featured By Owner May 5, 2005
me enkanta estre trabajo
por la armonia q emana!!
es un trabajo preciosoo!!
y la verdad es q ud es uno de mis preferidos en DA!!

>< luv your art
caro-b Featured By Owner May 5, 2005   Filmographer
the colours was nice!
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