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Devoted Ambitions by jasinski Devoted Ambitions by jasinski
acrylic on canvas.
48x30 inches
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ded1334 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
i can't see the image is something broken?
ojos-de-oro Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010   Photographer
you are the one painter that somehow captures the way i (and prbly a lot of people) feel about music without drawing an exact portrait of a musician!

:heart: :heart:
KaterinaRA Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
pffff execellent work! well done!
sexyboxblack Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009
freestyleReturns Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
simply stunning.... i've fallen in love with ur art n style :+favlove:
Sya Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004  Professional General Artist
Wow! I could look at this for hours! Excellent work!
artistan Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love yr atmosphere its like a village in east europe?
keiti Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2004
elvn Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2004
I LOVE your work, Jasinski!
julien Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
great, this is f(beeep) awesome !

keep the good work up !
numb-synapse Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2004
Wow :wow: really impressive!! *faves...*
XTooLittleFateX Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004   Photographer
this is an amazing peice its pretty damn cool and def a :+fav:
Keep it up
sterbendseele Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004   Writer
i like how you encompass so many different stories and themes in one piece. are you in this painting?
parrhasisarctos Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
Oh yes. oh, goodness, yes. this belongs in a museum.
kathrine Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2004
your paintings are so great! I like all of them !
-blink-once- Featured By Owner May 30, 2004
playing catchup.... love it as always. I would hang any of your work proudly in my home. If I only had the money :(
dirtycar74 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
I wish I had the kind of money it would take to own this painting. It is truly magnificent, and would be a GREAT visual center to my dining room.
dot-bmp Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
Silverlief Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2004
God, this is gorgeous...
nlx Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2004
so much going on , interweaved like a patchwork blanket

the colour suits the atmosphere perfectly in thiss

i like this one alot jasinski!

onecrazymofo Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2004
I love this painting and your innocent but indepth style - I have to look at more
semaiscan Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2004
slicksphincter Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
Dude this is fantastic! The colors are amazing! There is so much going on in this picture its incredible and the colors seem to contrast yet blend in at the same time. Great work :nod:,

mutilatedapathy Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work...^-^
disinformatique Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I just looked at this deviaiton for about 15 mins now and i really like how the characters seem to emerge out of this busy canvas.

The Priest, the knights, the angel putting his hand on the guys shoulder, the two lovers hugged by the two paired eye person, the 4 little yellow, green faced characters, one being given a pat by the waitor holding the burger tray, the gemini sisters, the lone musicians, the lover holding her woman's hand, the old man holding the astronaut/alien baby, the kids, the stork, the guy with closed eyes and 3 hands , and finally u standing and holding the frame holding in ur hand, it seems u have portrayed urself in a chaotic world in which we live,

but i see too much anarchy in this portrait, the viewer is more disturbed to see such a wide array of colors thrown up at him, even though im not an art critic, i would say that a normal layman like me would take more time adjusting and interpreting the thoughts you created on the canvas.

i like and love ur art
heidiwho Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
that's awesome! I way like it.
Gwynivere Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
candycanechild Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004
:+fav: I love this! It's so busy and fun! I especially love the creative use of colour. I love, love, love, LOVE this!! :heart:
justinaerni Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Great piece , I love the colors and chaos in this . In your artwork I get this nice warm feeling of people being around me like being at a club or eatery. Great job on this. See you around the DA.
LiLpOuSh4 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2004
DAM!!! how do you come up with this stuff?? acrylic eh?? awesome!
oceanbetonou Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004
great. that's all
dr-bipolar Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004
this painting is the embodiment of why I enjoy your artwork so much. I'll start from the top of my list.

Each character is seemingly at peace with themselves, they are all in their own little worlds but meshed into one ambient creation. From the solitary man to the left to the happy couple in the middle, everyone has a vibe of serenity. I would venture to say that every character you draw has an inner confidence that shines from the painter, into each subject. A little bit of Jasinski in everyone of them. :)

Technical mishmash, my eyes liked the gradient from the upper left to the lower right, not sure if thats flash or planned :P

Style, always loved your style, just seems to die out when you get to the lower left, again, that could be flash. Overall, very solid piece, shows both devotion and ambition to a wonderful degree.
insepta Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2004  Student
how many colours .. i just love iT!
MadSweeney Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Just wanted to say nice work... I'm a Huge Sorren fan as well... I'm glad to see people having fun within their composition. Look forward to seeing more.
Picabo Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004   Photographer
you have such amazing talent...i like all your pieces...this particular one i have to say is amazing...i like the variety use of colors and the details shown in this piece...well done:D
vickers Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004   Photographer
Wow! What a wonderful peice. I dont know where to start? How about a Excellent Peice of art im looking at right now. The detail is magnificent and its obvious that your time was well spent and you put your heart into this peice. Absolutly Magnificent. Prints of this item would be great!
shebadapuddytat Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004
Well, seems like you're already loaded down enough with compliments...

But I gotta say, you'd better be around still in a few years when I'm rich and famous (And I'm going to be) so that I may purchase one of your paintings to proudly treasure.

I'd be interested to know what your biggest influences are in work like this... There's such a strange mix of brilliant, insane, fauvist-like-but-not-quite colours, illustrated, popular, punk...blah blah blah!

While I still find myself experimenting and too changable to stick to just one've got an underlying one going through you even as your topics can be quite diverse. It makes your art very defined but never dull.

Your play of shapes, lines and colours is interesting... things keep jumping in and out at me... Patterns, colours, figures all battle to be seen so that my eye is never still for long.

Except when it lands on that lobster for some reason!

Religion, music, noncomformist artists with Pikachu dolls! Fashionable freaks! I don't know! I'm rambling, have been staring at this for too long and about to get kicked off the computer!

ceasetobeme Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
that is so wonderful! the colors are wonderful, and the detail is fantastic... can you message me and tell me how you get that detailed with acrylic?
shmidt Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
good work. really detailed . the title is well appropriate . we can smell this devotion in every personnage especially those 3 clerics :) the only caracter i dont understand his devotion its the little one at the bottom he is blue he look sad... so great too intense
kisha Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
:heart: Love the texture and colors. And all those little details to look at. Beautiful!
einstienfaust Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
your pieces always remind me of toulouse-lautrec's bar posters...
yokom Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
talk about capturing the human experience! =p
thegreatwcfields Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
All that I could say has already been said by others, and not wishing to be redundant I'll just say I like it, even after many long viewings.
Shedara Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Professional Artisan Crafter
It's so impressive... The detail you have here dictates a very long look, demands the attention of the viewer. I love your use of colour (and that is in general, for all of your pieces), because it is so vibrant, and suggestive.
In this piece, I particularly like the baby that looks like it's in a space suit, the guy with 2 glasses (four eyes?) and the happy face on the fast food cup... but I like all of it really! ;) Brilliant work... :D
serpian Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
wow i love this, its so analytical and i espeicially like the amount of detail you put into your works. the colours are colours i would take forever mixing up, your talent shows through on all of your pieces.

keep up the great stuff :thumbsup:
Neldoreth Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Just perfect
treebee Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
you are so talented:clap::+fav:
Koal Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2004
where do you get your ideas for this parties? I like how those nights are merrying singing or praying or something, the guy with the 4 glasses is my fave. The angles at the top and I good way to top it off.

Beautiful really, I love the green tone, very fitting.

What is with crab hat, that made me laugh.
artsyexistence Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2004
I love the happy face on the soda cup.
xam1814 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2004
you amaze me with these paintings. i dont get on too well with acrylics, although maybe if i painted in a different style? oh well, love the colours and the busy composition. :)
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