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July 11, 2002
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April     from calendar series by jasinski April     from calendar series by jasinski
This is an older piece. But many people say they love it, so I am posting it. Also making it available for print. Its a nice on to put on the wall. I have had the original on my wall. But it sold a few years ago.. *sigh*
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hello, i found your painting in an ad and copied it.
I love it too :heart::+favlove:
amazing work, you god. Everything about this painting is.. just so cool.

[link] here's my version
I just figured out that there were people in the background, hiding under umbrellas..I love it:)I do wish there was rain, though..
I was hoping youd post more of this series, I love the 4(?)that are already up. its interesting to see someone elses take on it, as the weather here is pretty much the same all year round:o
gemini-tiger Jun 4, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
This is the one that I saw on this ad in a art mag. it was something for some postcard making place. I knew it was yours from the second I saw. I love it.
i was just slowly browsing through your gallery, and i think this is my favorite so far...i don't know why, but it's great...
savage-radish Dec 4, 2003
Oooh...i love the uniformity of the objects and people (or umbrellas, haha) in this painting. The long rectangular buildings in the background really draw my eye to April with her slightly perturbed expression. To me the message seems to represent the downfalls of living in an urban city--somewhere like chicago or new york. Although this isn't a bird's-eye-view painting, i get the feeling that i am looking from up above, because you emphasize the people's umbrellas more than the actual people under them.

wonderful piece :)
im not sure who did the piece. but there was a man who was at a booth with a woman. the room was full of people but it was just him and her repeated to look different. i love this ideal. i know it might not be exactly like that but those shapes are pretty good. like the colors and tones and just all around feeling i get when seeing it :peace: :P very nicely done.
I don't think I've said anything so far about this particular peice, but love them all, and I was at school today in the library reading American Artist and I saw this painting! It didn't say who it was by, but by the style of it I knew it was yours! I was so proud, hehe...Just thought I would say that and I'm so glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve!
this isn't normal.

what a sense for colours, technique, repetitiveness?? hehe, what a way to show and point the meaning,,, what a great piece!

hehhe, 'bout the wall, simmilar picture from a very well known artist of ours (Croat) - Zlatko Prica, ladies with umbrellas is hanging on my toilet door (white background) and looks just great!!!

great piece!
Ahhh! ...Good to see that you're putting the old ones up, and good to see that the best ones are the ones people are asking for. I always loved this image since it was (cropped) on the Moya page. Another one of your best.
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